Jarrett Burns

Music: Modern Blues Folk Pop R&B Soul

With a quirky zeal for numerology and taking a freakishly mindful approach to song tempos, tunings, and even song lengths, Jarrett Burns is setting out to create a sonic revolution through his fringe approach to energy, frequency, vibration, and the world of popular music. All with a dose of love and light. And only adding more power to the soul singer's punch, co-founding the non-profit record label and creative collective, Empower Haus Collective, has given the entertainer-humanitarian powerhouse, free reigns to revolutionize much more than just pop.

With themes that gravitate more towards a new sense of human cosmology and universal love versus classical romantic love, he seeks to take pop where few artists have endeavored to go. And while there is something surprising and even alien about the artist's propensity to traverse a wide variety of tricky themes ranging from exploring the fluidity of human sexuality and healing from abuse to parallel realities and extolling the virtues of his love affair for frequency, vibration, light, and sound, one thing is clear - Jarrett is redefining what is possible to accomplish and communicate through the medium of pop art.

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