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Artists listed here are carefully chosen for a given audience of people who have limited access to the arts.
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Jeff Dillon / Jeff Dillon and The Revival
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Jeff Dillon won’t sit down and he won’t shut up. For 20 years he’s been distilling his punk rock passion in a mash of folk-flavored rock and roll. The result is a sound that evokes the love child of Tom Petty and Against Me! His debut EP, “For Heidi” is the oak-barrel aged soundtrack with a stouthearted, nomadic spirit—gritty and perfected with Dillon’s experiences from the road.

A child of the grunge era, Dillon has been involved with music his entire life, and cites Nirvana and Silverchair as some of his earlier influences. After seeing the Smashing Pumpkins play live at the height of their popularity, Dillon decided he wanted to be able to reach a deep emotion within the crowd and get everyone singing along as they had, and has fronted bands ever since. As a solo artist, he brings his unique blend of charisma, yearning and unadulterated love for music to a whole new level. Dillon has held his own on stage, performing with acts such as Gill Landry, James McCartney, Allison Weiss, Sammy Kay, and Matt Woods. Though his unique take on rock and roll is difficult to categorize, Dillon has a knack for perfectly complementing acts of many different genres, local and national.

After releasing “For Heidi” in spring of 2017, Jeff has set his sights on the road and the future, aiming to break into every aspect of the Salt Lake music scene and release a follow-up record in 2018. In his words, his music is “Whiskey drinking, all night dancing, sing-a-long rock and roll” and his live shows certainly reflect this. Dillon won’t hesitate to get his audience involved, and you’ll find yourself belting along to his infectious choruses. For Dillon, making music and performing live is part of what drives him to keep creating music and finding inspiration from his own life, and his gutsy performances serve as a testament to his rebellious, vagabond soul. He counts Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan, Against Me! and Bruce Springsteen among his staunchest influences, and is often compared to the likes of Tom Petty, Woodie Guthrie, The Gaslight Anthem, Green Day and Mike Ness.
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