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Beginning as a neighborhood garage band more than 10 years ago, JABOOM (Just A Bunch OF Old Men) is now a collection of experienced veteran musicians. Combined experience includes USO Shows in the early 70's, studio work and touring with the Osmonds, countless road trips and club dates, and way too much money spent on gear over the last forty years. In a way, JABOOM is a reunion of sorts. Lew, Mark and Bill played together in the 70's and 80's and along the way met other great musicians. Bringing those friends together now in JABOOM, we are all having a great time playing corporate events, weddings, parties and occasionally, benefits! Mostly, we are playing what we love, which is classic Rock n' Roll, but we also slip in a disco tune or even something from this century. We guarantee we will play music that you recognize, and if you like Classic Rock, that you'll have fun too.
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