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Artists listed here are carefully chosen for a given audience of people who have limited access to the arts.
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Pat & Roy
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Inspired by the R&B legends of the '60s and '70's, Pat, at the age of 15, sang in the streets of NY with her acappella group The Queens Four... there were four of them and they were from Queens. She has since grown into a versatile performer singing, R&B, blues, country, rock and jazz, has traveled all over the country as the featured singer with the American Tap Dance Orchestra and has had the opportunity to perform in Germany, Sweden & France.

Roy grew up listening to the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and others of that genre. He later realized that he had a growing affinity to country music as well. He also sang with the Gospel Group Dunamis which toured throughout the U.S. Roy is a proficient and energetic guitarist and plays many diverse styles - rock, pop, jazz, blues, R&B, country with his own special "flavor".
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Country R&B Rock