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The Smokin' Blues Band
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Southern & classic rock, the blues and other funky tunes

THE SMOKIN’ BLUES BAND - The Smokin’ Blues Band has been performing at Salt Lake City area festivals and events for years and was recent;y featured on the Blues Power Radio Show on Wild Cat Radio 91.9, Manhatten, New York City. They also played on the West Coast and were invited to perform at the 2009 Nehalem Bay Winery Blues Festival and played to rave reviews.

The Smokin’ Blues Band plays an energetic and entertaining mix of originals, southern rock and their unique renditions of blues classics from Chicago & the Delta to Texas & the West Coast.

The Smokin’ Blues Band members represent over 75 years of performance history and consists of “Capt. Len” (Len Eldridge) giving gritty vocals and on guitar, Dany Tremblay blazing on the lead guitar and vocals, the “Professor” (Tom Stillinger) on stand-up and electric bass, “Dr. Phil” (Phil Triolo) on soprano & tenor saxophone, and the “Animal” (Darrel MacDonald on drums and percussion.
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