Ophir Creek

Music: Bluegrass Folk

Ophir Creek is a Utah group working to redefine the folk, bluegrass and southern gospel tradition, and to keep it burning with an exciting new sound: “Folkgrass Americana”, the members have performed at Olympic venues, county fairs, Utah city celebrations, and numerous community and church functions throughout northern Utah; 60’s coffee houses in Pennsylvania and Maryland, night clubs in Hong Kong, Jamaica and Florida; and Bluegrass gigs in Tennessee and Idaho. Collectively they have over 250 years of performance experience. The band performs a range of songs from soft ballads that tug at the heart to rollicking banjo supported slices of Americana. Members, are from the northern Utah area: Dave Shurtleff, guitar - 6 & 12 string; Dale Searcy - guitar, resonator and baritone; John Sargent - guitar, mandolin, banjo; Keith Ray - bass; Don “Ban Jovi” Messenger - hot bluegrass banjo, and Ken Bradshaw - guitar and banjo.

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