Join the Music Stroll Volunteer Team!

Join the Music Stroll Volunteer Team

WE'RE BACK! June 13, 2020 3–8pm

For the ninth year, Heart & Soul, along with the neighbors surrounding Imperial Park, will present our incredible, one-day music festival.

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"Dear Friends", A Letter From Jim Hayes


Dear friends of Heart & Soul,

There I was, having eggs Benedict with the main gears of Heart & Soul, Janna and Ainsley. Usually, an invitation means great company and a request for the next project that involves graphic design. And I was right—I would ultimately pay for those crispy hash browns.

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Our Insider in the World of Elder Care

Our Insider in the World of Elder Care

Conae Holmes is a woman who wears many hats – both literally and figuratively. Her collection of over 60 toppers has been built over decades of service, working on the frontlines of elder care in Utah in myriad roles.

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Give Music, Give Thanks

Love UT Give Tuesday 2018

Give Joy, Hope, and Live Music for Love UT Give Tuesday.

Heart & Soul Heals the Human Spirit by Bringing Music and Performing Arts to Isolated People.

Help bring over 1000 live concerts annually to those living in care communities with your donation today.

Your donation will be MATCHED!

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Mundi Ambassadors Give Back

Mundi Ambassadors Give Back

While Utah’s physical landscape brings to mind red-rock vistas and snowy mountains, its cultural landscape is equally vibrant. Within it is a music scene filled with advocates, musicians, and organizations that focus on all stages of life and work to make music accessible to everyone.

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