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Performer Guidelines

Before the Show

1. When you are invited to perform a Heart & Soul show and we leave a message, please respond ASAP, even if your answer is no. Unanswered calls delay the booking process.

2. In booking Heart & Soul shows, we may put calls out to several performers and usually accept the first agreeable response. We regret any inconvenience should you return a call to find a show is already booked. Your willingness is appreciated and we will call you again.

3. Dependability and promptness are very important to both the residents and the staff of the facilities we serve. We request that you arrive at the facility 15 to 20 minutes prior to show time. If you anticipate being late, please advise the institution staff and the Heart & Soul office.

4. If you must cancel a show, please inform Heart & Soul as soon as possible so that we can quickly find another performer. The audience is anticipating your show and our agreements with the institutions are important.

During the Show

1. Good health is very important. Members of some audiences - particularly hospitalized patients - may have a weakened immune response to otherwise tolerable viruses and bacteria. Please do not wear any strong perfumes or scents as they may bother some of the residents, especially those who may be allergic.

2. Colorful clothes or costumes are a welcome attraction in the institutional setting. Your appearance conveys a message to your audience, so dress appropriately.

3. Refrain from the use of alcohol or other drugs prior to and during your performance. In addition to the legal consequences involved in some institutions, respect for the individual audience members is of the utmost importance.

After the Show

If you have any feedback regarding the facility, your host or the audience please let us know. We welcome your comments and constructive criticism. Also, please let us know if there are areas where you would like specific feedback or comments concerning your performance.

Tips for a successful Heart & Soul show

1. If your act consists of music, please be sure to include some well-known material, preferably songs with which the residents can sing along.

2. The more you involve your audience, the better! Asking for participation such as singing or clapping along is a way to include the audience. Passing around props, asking questions and frequent eye contact also encourage residents' participation.

3. Try to include some upbeat material and end on a positive note.

4. Come to your show rehearsed and prepared. If yours is a musical act, your set list should be established - although a willingness to take requests is encouraged.

5. Plan on performing for 50 minutes and spending a total of one hour with the audience.

6. Members of some audiences are often hearing-impaired or medicated; speak loudly, slowly and clearly.

7. We encourage your active communication with the audience. You might talk about your act and material - especially if the audience is likely to be unfamiliar with what you do. They like to know who you are, where you are from and how you got into performing. Talking with your audience, making eye contact and a sincere, supportive attitude will help to develop trust and enthusiasm.

8. Please obtain prior permission if you plan to bring a guest, child or animal.

9. You have been chosen to be a Heart & Soul performer because of your unique talent and your willingness to share the joy of music and performing arts with isolated audiences. We trust you to use your best judgment in performing for each and every audience. We are confident that you will represent Heart & Soul well.