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Turning Donations Into Joy

Turning Donations Into Joy

Why Contribute to Heart & Soul?

As a small, local non-profit organization, Heart & Soul quickly translates even the smallest donation into benefits for people in your community.

Real People: Heart & Soul serves moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends who often live isolated and monotonous lives.

Your community: Your contribution helps reach people in over 150 facilities along the Wasatch Front; bringing the joy of music to the frail and elderly, the ill and terminally ill, youth at risk, people with disabilities and their families and health care providers.

Actual Benefits: Studies in music therapy indicate that music can help relax muscles, reduce symptoms of depression, ease the trauma of grieving, and promote interaction.

Help Heart & Soul reach its goal of bringing a live musical program each month to every care community along the Wasatch.

Give the Healing Power of Music
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Summertime. Outdoor concerts. Music. Friends. Good times. Music connects us with each other and opens up our world.

The next time you go out to enjoy a live performance and find yourself moved, inspired, joyful, energized and simply entertained, consider that with a gift to Heart & Soul you can make similar experiences possible for our neighbors most in need.

Heart&Soul Graph 2017 Share the gift of healing live music today by making a donation at

You Make the Difference!

Heart & Soul shows by year
1994 - 7
2000 - 251
2005 - 546
2010 - 656
2013 - 809
2017 – 1100

Thank you for helping us to bring the healing power of live music to our neighbors who find it difficult if not impossible to attend a concert on their own.

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