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Denver Street Irregulars perform for residents at Pine Creek Rehab and Nursing.

The Impact of a Heart & Soul show

Dear Heart &Soul,

My name is Phil Hansen and I work at Pine Creek Nursing and Rehab (formerly Westside).  I have been here for 15 years.  During many of those years Heart & Soul have come to entertain my residents and staff.  I thought I was having them come to help give some entertainment, and a break during the day.  I was wrong.  They have been very entertaining!  They have given a break from the normal day.  My residents love listening to the music.  BUT that is a very very small piece of what all of the performers have done.  Let me explain.

The music is uplifting and brings a slew of memories with it.  It is fun and interactive.  Everyone’s spirits are lifted and the struggles that many of my residents are going through are lessened. THEN it continues.  

The staff have made comments about how much they enjoy the music.  It is an uplifting break for them too.  That carries over into how they care for the residents, who are easier to care for because they feel a little better. 

I wanted you to know that your “little song” makes a difference.  It lightens a load you didn’t know that someone had.  A short visit lasts and lingers. The music continues.  


Phil Hansen

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