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spoken faces

Heart & Soul Performers Kathy and Marianne are working on an art project, Spoken Faces. They're drawing "lyrical portraits," or portraits of people using lyrics of their favorite songs as a way to stay connected with people especially during quarantine. If you have a loved one in a care community, this would be a great gift to show you are thinking of them.

Spoken Faces is a project raising funds to help survivors of domestic violence, especially as domestic violence cases have increase significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. By drawing lyrical portraits - portraits integrating the words of someone’s stories, favorite songs, books, or anything textual - we hope to both gift a means of personal connection through art, as well as raise money for organizations supporting survivors. Portraits can be completed for yourself, gifted to a friend, drawn for a family member, sent as a surprise / thank you, etc. Have us paint your words to help amplify someone else’s. More information, completed portrait examples, and the requests form can be found at:

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