Heart & Soul Music Stroll Map

Heart & Soul Music Stroll Map 


3:00 PM JABOOM Classic Rock and Roll

2761 S Filmore St
4:00 PM CABANA BAND Utah's Luau Band!
5:00 PM MELISSA BURRIDGE DE ENCISO Tribute to Linda Rondstadt
6:00 PM PAMELA LIND & ALMOST COUNTRY "Pop, Jazz and Favorites"

2779 S Filmore St
4:00 PM CLEFTOMANIACS Folksy Favorites & Originals
5:00 PM SMITH BROS. DIRT BAND Blue-Jug Country Pickin
6:00 PM PAUL BORUFF "Swing, Blues and Classics"

2799 S Filmore St
4:00 PM SUSAN BUSH BAND Original Folk & Blues
5:00 PM CRAZY WESTERN KIDS "Folk, Country, Swing"
6:00 PM THE WAY COOL BAND Way cool blend of styles

2817 S Filmore St
4:00 PM UTAH SLIM Singer Songwriter
5:00 PM BUCKLE BUSTERS String Band Music
6:00 PM THE SMOKIN' BLUES BAND Blues and More

2858 S Filmore St
4:00 PM BEAUTIFUL DREAMER Popular American Parlor Music
5:00 PM THE JENSENS Music of America, Love and Life
6:00 PM ANKE SUMMERHILL & DOUG WINTCH "Originals, Folk and Country"

2887 S Filmore St
4:00 PM BUILT FOR COMFORT "Standards, Americana, Piano & Vocals"
5:00 PM K-TONES "All Fun, No Treble"
6:00 PM NATHAN SPENSER REVUE Heartland/Americana/Folk Rock

2899 S Filmore St
4:00 PM JOHNSON CREEK BAND "Western, Folk & Traditional Favorites"
5:30 PM THE SECOND STORY BAND Old Time and More

2791 S Glenmare St
4:00 PM STEVE BASSETT Zen-Jam Folk Singer Songwriter
5:00 PM KRAIG BRINKERHOFF Country & Folk
6:00 PM POCKIT Alternative Soul

2827 S Glenmare St
4:00 PM COUNTRY BLUE FOLK "Folk, Country and Bluegrass Favorites"
5:00 PM ROYAL HERITAGE World Music
6:00 PM HAMILTON-CANTONWINE DUO "Folk, Roots, Blues & Americana"

Imperial Park
4:00 PM GIMME A BREAK Not for Kids Only

2855 S Filmore St
4:00 PM FOR LOVE Music & Laughter
5:00 PM KINDERMUSIK Kindermusik Moves Me
6:00 PM DANCE PARTY! Line Dance with Ashlyn

2871 S Glenmare St
4:00 PM LORY CURTIS BAND Rock 'n Roll Favorites
5:00 PM HIGH WYRED BAND "Classic Rock, Southern Rock & Blues"
6:00 PM THE ZERO SUMMERS Indie Bossa Garage Pop

7:00 PM Stratford Street Big Band - Big Band Dance Music

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