FREE CONCERT The Brahma Viharas: A Meditation for English Horn and Orchestra


The Salt Lake Symphony, featuring Charlotte Bell on English horn, will perform at 3:30pm today, Saturday, outside (that's why it's open to the public), about 25 yards west of the sidewalk on West Temple, on the patio just north of the 100 South entrance to the Salt Palace, or immediately south of the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

The space for the orchestra is small so you will have to negotiate your way around the stage to find a place to listen, but you can do it!

Thupten Rinpoche and Phillip Bimstein (Heart & Soul's Board President) will talk about the Buddhist practices the piece is based upon before the performance or in between the movements

A Musical Meditation on Love and Compassion
The Salt Lake Symphony
The Brahma Viharas: A Meditation for English Horn and Orchestra
Charlotte Bell, soloist

For more information about this piece here is the article written by Catherine Reese Newton with the Salt Lake Tribune promoting the premiere last month:

and the article written by Sophie Silverstone with the Catalyst Magazine

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