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End of Year Newsletter 2022

Dear Friends of Heart & Soul. Do you have a friend or loved one living out their life in a care community? These past three years have shown us all just how much we need and depend upon each other. Heart & Soul is a local nonprofit, a loneliness antidote devoted to spreading the message of hope, healing, and joy by providing live musical performances for neighbors in isolated circumstances. WE CURRENTLY SERVE 130 CARE COMMUNITIES, BUT THERE ARE MANY MORE THAT NEED OUR HELP. We are grateful to all of you for your generous support, however we need continued financial help to bring music and connection to Utah's most isolated. Your contributions have enabled Heart & Soul to produce over 1440 performances in the last year throughout nine Utah counties. Our musicians play and personally interact with residents in care situations such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, and memory care. When covid outbreaks occur, we are able to provide a live, interactive virtual concert. OUR SHOWS CONTINUE TO CREATE A POSITIVE IMPACT IN THE CARE COMMUNITIES WE VISIT. Besides sharing journeys down memory lane, residents experience healing in mind and spirit from the music itself. There is nothing like a round of “Que Sera Sera,” for example, to bring a room to life with good fun and familiarity. Our professional musicians present an exciting variety of tunes that span generations, while bringing residents a chance to sing and mingle. A huge part of Heart & Soul’s success derives from the over 300 local musicians and music groups we work with, soldiers in the fight against loneliness. Through these performances, Heart & Soul is able to promote the local talent of Utah’s art scene, and offer the isolated in our community a quality experience. soren chrales greeen at rosewoodmike of the duo ogtrace in the studio YOUR SUPPORT IS INVALUABLE TO US. THANK YOU AGAIN! AS 2022 COMES TO AN END, PLEASE CONSIDER A YEAR END GIFT TO HEART & SOUL. Your tax-deductible donation will help us to change lives by bringing great music to people who may not otherwise have access to it. To donate online please visit
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