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Heart & Soul - News - 3/30/2017

Hello Visitor,

We need your help now. Please support Heart & Soul through Love Utah Give Utah.


Today is the day to help Heart & Soul bring more music to isolated neighbors!
When you Love Utah Give Utah, give a little love to “love you can hear.” Today is the day to help Heart & Soul take more music to our isolated neighbors. 

Music is powerful 

“Music is love you can hear,” says Bonnie Weiss, former president of Heart & Soul’s board of directors. We have truly shown the love this past year, in the form of 1000 shows in the Wasatch Front and beyond. In bestowing the healing gift of music upon isolated members of our community, Heart & Soul uplifts the human spirit.

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Hear the love, share the love, and spread the love of music through your donation. Music is proven to help heal, and live performances add a shot of pleasure to the routine of living in an institution. So click. Donate. If that isn’t love, we don’t know what is.

Our mission is as vital as ever, and a gift of any size can help bring live music and a caring community to our neighbors. Donations also help us engage hundreds of artists in vital community service. Support local musicians, isolated neighbors, and Heart & Soul with your donation today!
As a friend of Heart & Soul, you helped us bring the healing power of music and performing arts to over 25,000 individuals last year. With your continued support we hope to produce over 1,000 shows in 2017 aimed at healing human spirits with music and performing arts to isolated members in our community. | contact us
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